phpHaze 2.00.01

03/02/2011 phpHaze 2.00.01

Just a small service release, the first 'official' one so far, and nothing to major. Just a few small fixes here and there.

- Fixed bug in account.php that disallowed user from changing capitalization of user name
- Added localization to account.php
- Fixed notice errors when adding/deleting avatars; avatars/mini was not CHMOD-777 by installer; this also fixed the display issue in users online panel
- Facebook settings no longer show up in system settings unless module is enabled
- Fixed bug in users admin that logged the wrong author when adding an account, it now shows what account was added as well
- Added ASCII encoding to message center for encrypted messages; messages are now encrypted both server-side and client-side
- Fixed notice errors in news admin for locale bugs
- Fixed bug in news admin when saving a draft, then previewing it, then saving it again created a duplicate draft

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