phpHaze 2.01.00


08/22/2012  phpHaze 2.01.00

Our biggest update since the launch of phpHaze 2.0. A good number of new features, bug fixes, etc. Enjoy!

New Features:
- Added text version of captcha image verification and setting control ability.
- Added ability to disable contact form from settings
- Added detection support for iPhones, iPods, and iPads (note: this is NOT "mobile browser support", that is coming soon)
- Added row that displays category URL when editing categories
- File manager now accepts files with "pdf" as extension
- Added 4 new fonts for use with captcha
- Added preview to captcha settings
- Added missing "Back to Logs Admin" link when searching logs
- Added ability to view links by status in links admin
- Added storing of IP# for submitted links and the ability to ban those IPs from links admin
- Added ability to enable/disable the home panel on index page
- Added new admin area that mimics system info panel
- Added maximum notes limit for user's personal notes, controlled by user settings
- Added feature to links admin that will fetch a sites meta data and title with the click of a button for titles and descriptions

- Updated basedir .htaccess to reflect changes from external testing

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed major bug causing save, mark unread, mark read, and purge/delete to not work in message center
- Fixed bug in message center when archiving or purging multiple messages that caused limits to not take effect
- Fixed some missing locale issues from 2.00.04 update previously
- Fixed bug in users admin preventing addition of new users
- Fixed bug that caused "export" to display in blacklist when no entries exist
- Fixed some locale issues in logs admin & links admin
- Fixed bug in logs admin that prevented you from using both a query and a type in the log search
- Fixed bug in images admin causing images on 2nd, 3rd pages (etc) to not properly pass the ID which allows editing/ deleting

The reason we went with 2.01 instead of 2.00.05 is because we simply added to many new features for it to be considered a service release. This will give us a new slate to launch from when we need to do more service releases in the future. It helps us keep track of what new features we're fixing from what versions. Things can get complicated when you are dealing with so many sites that use your software.

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