phpHaze 2.02.08


09/01/2013  phpHaze 2.02.08

Service release for 2.02 series that addresses various bugs and adds some necessary functionality. The forums are close people. Look forward to the next 2-3 updates. Unfortunately, this update turned out to be quite a bit bigger than I anticipated.

New Features
- added Server IP to system info/pulse
- when the contact form is successfully processed, it now logs the data for that submission, rather than just saying it was successful. this allows you to see messages sent when they aren't received by the intended email address for whatever reason
- added password class. currently only handles password generation for the installer, but this will be expanded upon later, to possibly handle password validation and other things.
- added forums definition (forum path) in prep for future forums update
- Added bIS_CLI definition to detect command line execution
- added missing page comments to latest comments panel
- added access limiting from latest comments panel to rss comments

Bug Fixes
- The Terms of Service requirement breaks the sign-up process when the feature is enabled
- definition USER_IP throws error when system executed by command line
- only system admins have successful logins when maintenance mode is enabled
- added missing check for HAZE being defined in classes/bbcode and classes/pulse
- fixed bug causing latest comments panel to display items even if user didnt have access to them
- fixed bug causing rss comment links to not take you to the comment on site

Security Fixes
- fixed a possible security loophole in the login drivers

Locale Fixes
- Added missing locale to pass match and pass strength js functions

Layout Fixes
- fixed bug causing file uploads with long names to stretch layout in news admin

- Updated v() and dv() functions, moved to separate functions file
- refactored the way pass match and pass strength are implemented
- refactored the login logic

System CSS
- added float classes (fl, fr, fn)
- added missing vertical alignment classes (at, att, atb)
- added clear classes (cl,cr)
- added center class
- added clearfix class (cf)
- added display classes (dn, db, dib, dt)

Special thanks to rydawg, as he contributed to some of these updates.

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