phpHaze 2.02.09


09/15/2013  phpHaze 2.02.09

New Features
- added notifications for various things to system info panel, shows users that need activation, pending links, etc
- added search to tags page
- added sorting to tags page
- added missing RSS feed for tags
- file manager now shows the time the file was uploaded (technically last modified)
- .gz is now an accepted file type
- version check should automatically check for a new version if a check hasn't been performed in the past 2 weeks

- news admin links are now trimmed a bit to prevent stretching
- layout fixes for interface buttons on users and news admin

Bug Fixes
- fixed bug causing system error if there wasn't a news image when deleting a news article
- fixed bug causing incorrect entry count to show on tags page
- fixed bug causing collapsable panels to not save when you toggle as a user
- fixed bug causing system error when accessing admin directly from bookmark
- fixed bug causing wrong column header to show on tags page
- fixed bug allowing users to edit a higher level user than their self (matches delete)

- added labels
- added alerts

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