phpHaze 2.02


02/20/2013  phpHaze 2.02

The Photo Gallery has arrived! The 2nd minor upgrade for phpHaze has added a good number of new features, changes, and bug fixes.

New Features
- Added "Photo Gallery"
- Added new settings area, "Photo Gallery" (multiple new settings to toggle)
- Added "Tags" page, similar to archives and categories.
- Added most popular tags panel to replace old tags panel; linked to new tags page
- Added Twitter support; added setting for toggle
- Added Twitter share to news, links, and pages
- The File Manager is now able to read/write directories inside of the root/bin directory. Just create a new directory, make sure its writable, and away you go!
- Added photo comments to RSS
- Added photo comments to latest comments panel
- Added Google "plus one" button, added to news and pages
- Added "Facebook" as a spider, so you can see when the Facebook scraper visits your site.
- Added new GD font for Captcha, "Trebuchet" (from Windows "Trebuchet MS"). This is mainly for people who want a captcha image but want one that's a lot easier to read than the other packaged fonts.

- Removed collapse/expand images in link directory. They were just not layout-friendly
- Moved system JS and RSS HTML calls to system file to require no further theme modifications in the future (requires one possibly final header.php theme update)
- Changed code for Facebook plugins to be HTML5 valid & changed script to asynchronous loading, also fixed bug causing login button to have to be enabled for like button to work
- Removed deprecated "show_hide" function from sys.js and replaced usage with new "toggleObj"
- Compressed sys.js to help with page loading time
- Changed admin title "Image Verification" to "Captcha"

Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug causing news drafts to show up in news archives panel
- Fixed bug causing news drafts to show up in news categories panel
- Fixed bug causing news drafts to show up in site statistics panel
- Fixed bug causing multiple folder parameters to show in file manager when switching directories
- Fixed bug in thumb_square function that made it fail on all non-jpg files
- Fixed bug in images admin causing large zip files to throw the malicious script error
- Fixed titles bug for rows, tags
- Added missing ASSETS definition to core
- Fixed bug causing RSS to be accessible even when system is under maintenance mode
- Fixed bug in links admin causing link description fetcher to fail on some websites
- Fixed bug in message center causing attachments to not work properly

Changes to Upgrader
- The upgrade script now automatically runs the version checker so you no longer have to do this manually after an upgrade

Thanks to the group of clients and testers that found most of these bugs and helped to expedite this upgrade package.

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Dustin 5 years 2 weeks ago   
YES! Clap keep up the great work! phpHaze is more amazing everyday!In Love Thumbs up
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