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10/21/2013  phpHaze 2.03.02

You may be wondering what happened to 2.03.01. We had to do an emergency upgrade to address a critical bug related to spam. Since it was such a small update, we felt no need to make a post about it.

2.03.02 centers mainly around some interface improvements for the admin panel, continuing what was started in 2.03. You may find some new features in this one you like. Believe it or not, these updates add features that will be used in the new forums (draggable ordering, bbcode wysiwyg, etc)

New Features
- You can now order links in the navigation admin simply by dragging them around
- The same ordering technology has been applied to the panels admin
- Link order will be refreshed/reset at various intervals, reducing the need to do it manually
- The same has been applied to panels admin
- an alert will now appear on the admin index if maintenance mode is enabled
- When using the new WYSIWYG in news, panels, or pages admin, you can easily add a photo from the gallery as well as any of the haze 16x16 icons

- The news admin has been updated to use the new wysiwyg
- The pages and panels admin have been updated to use new wysiwyg
- The "Size" bbcode for font sizing has been updated to support a few variations of the syntax
- Expanded bbcode parser to accept [size=12] as well as [size=12pt] and output it properly regardless

Interface Changes
- completely redesigned the system -> maintenance administration area to be more intuitive and user friendly.

Bug Fixes
- fixed bug causing a "<" to show up when having choosing a "strong" password in account or sign up
- fixed bug causing PHP code to get jumbled when using wysiwyg, removed notice as a result
- fixed bug causing a random notice error in shoutbox
- fixed bug that was incorrectly causing system to think using parentheses in a shout was not allowed

Layout Fixes
- fixed alignment issue with checkbox in photo settings

External Libraries
- added jQuery UI to go with jQuery which was added a few upgrades earlier. this will allow us to do many more things with interfaces in haze
- Updated wysiwyg to a much smaller and much better version

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