phpHaze 2.03.03


01/25/2014  phpHaze 2.03.03

This is partially a preparatory update for forums; when upgrading, the forum module is automatically added to your config, but it's currently disabled as forums are still in development, look out for them in the next update following this one. Everything else are things that were either pending bug fixes or slight adjustments.


  • The order of the system error logs is now flipped so the latest error is at the top
  • Consolidated draggable classes for panels/navigation admin and etc
  • When newsletter send's fail they are now logged
  • Redesigned & improved the way login box was being built, allowing for expansion later
    • Removed broken spell check feature
    • Removed possibly buggy restore draft feature
    • Adjusted layout of buttons to better accomodate skinnier layouts

Security Fixes

  • Fixed issue with cookie logins not setting the HTTPS flag properly
  • Mail when sent via SMTP is now secured via SSL appropriately

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug causing an error count of 1 to appear in system info panel if log file exists but no errors in it
  • File types in the panels admin & security settings admin have been updated to accurately reflect the types of pages that can be used
  • Fixed issue causing error to show in admin panel for config being writable in the new server environment
  • Fixed deprecated call to function 'split' in core
  • Fixed deprecated calls to function 'eregi' in search and backup utilities
  • Fixed bug causing errors to be thrown when a resource didn't exist for making file lists
  • Links admin will now fetch titles/descriptions for sites that use the 'og' protocol in their meta tags for html headers
  • Fixed bug causing a javascript error when logging in
    • Fixed Icon list
    • Photos button only shows if there are photos to select from
    • Fixed bug with photo list causing weird characters to appear


  • Updated PHPMailer class and all of its implementations in haze
  • Updated magpierss class


  • Added feature to upgrade script that can add modules, disable, enable, etc.

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