phpHaze 2.03.04

02/16/2014 phpHaze 2.03.04

New Features

  • Added ability to add new admin notifications in the custom include file 1
  • Added ability to have drop down sub navigation links in admin 3
  • Added ability to enable/disable multiple navigation links at a time in admin
  • Added ability in navigation admin when adding a new link; the ability to choose what link to add it after, for ordering purposes
  • Added check to system pulse for apache module "deflate".


  • Restructured & improved first few sections of core
  • Restructured & improved system background
  • Restructured & improved haze_meta_deta function 2
  • Added LOW_PRIORITY to link hits query to reduce unnecessary server load
  • Replaced all instances of LOW_PRIORITY in db queries with a core controlled definition
  • GZ compression now only occurs in the following circumstances
    • bNO_GZ must not be sent by controller (currently protecting downloads)
    • HTTP must accept 'gzip'
    • Must not be in CLI mode

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a possible ordering issue w/ universal draggable ordering
  • Fixed bug causing login to redirect incorrectly when in a sub directory like forums
  • Fixed bug when clicking a file's link in file manager the file wouldn't download properly
  • Fixed bug causing pagebreak not to work properly in some cases for WYSIWYG news
  • Fixed bug causing wrong message data to display when viewing a message in message center
  • Fixed bug causing errors to be generated when an invalid ID is given when viewing a message in message center
  • Fixed bug causing admin login (when using admin/ from bookmark) to incorrectly redirect you after login, overall this affected all sub directory logins
  • Fixed possible bug in security settings causing empty list for HTTPS files


  1. Needs Documentation
  2. Special thanks to Rydawg !
  3. Requires theme changes to work properly

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