phpHaze 2.03.05

02/25/2014 phpHaze 2.03.05

This is a fairly large service release that addresses a number of past documented issues. We also add a few small features here and there. This is hopefully the last service release necessary before we roll out the new highly anticipated forum module.

New Features

  • Added user level to subscriber list in newsletter admin
  • Custom pages now have a div wrapped around their HTML with a custom ID, like "page_test" for a page you created titled "test". This allows a designer to come in and customize CSS/JS on a page-by-page basis, if necessary. Just allows for further consumer flexibility.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed redundant call to handle installer in core
  • Fixed issue with news trimming causing paragraphs to be trimmed prematurely in the middle of HTML code if the paragraph was longer than normal
  • Fixed bug causing categories to show slashes in textarea when saving
  • Fixed bug causing news images uploaded with a news post to be stretched when they are smaller than the max size set in settings
  • Fixed bug in bbcode images that caused domains with ".php" as part of it (like to be rejected by the system
  • Fixed bug causing errors on some cases when using link data fetcher in links admin 4
  • Fixed bug allowing blank titles to be saved in photos admin
  • Fixed bug causing a small 60px photo to be created for some uploads in photo gallery


  • Moved external drivers & includes outside of installers reach 1
  • Newsletter admin subscriber list is now ordered by user level descending then user name ascending
  • Improved the way the system pulse was testing cURL, time decreased by about 0.100 seconds. 1
  • Moved inline styles from bbcode images to sys.css class 3
  • Moved inline styles from shoutbox to sys.css class 3
  • Made some changes to the way ajax tokens work to improve ajax reliability
  • Instead of allowing a BMP to be uploaded in the photo gallery, it now first converts it to JPG which effectively fixes a previous bug. 4
  • The search module has been completely re-written. As a result, it will no longer fill up error logs. 5


  1. Speed Improvement
  2. Security Improvement
  3. Can be overridden with theme
  4. Special Thanks to rydawg
  5. Special Thanks to phonzie

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Nathan Pinno 2 years 9 months ago
I'm considering Haze for a site or two of mine - if WordPress doesn't work out that is! Wink wink

Looks good these updates here.
Dustin 2 years 9 months ago
Thats awesome! Keep up the amazing work!
rydawg 2 years 9 months ago
rydawg in da house!
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