phpHaze 2.03.06

03/02/2014 phpHaze 2.03.06

Another fairly large service release with a few small new things here and there.

New Features

  • Photos admin now displays time, date, and author for photos 6
  • You no longer have to toggle the WYSIWYG to use it if its already enabled by admin
  • Added admin alert for when PHP upload_max_filesize is less than the maxes set in admin panel
  • The advanced site search now includes photos


  • System maintenance functions are now automatically run by system administrators instead of regular admins
  • Most maintenance related functionality has been moved into class format
  • If enabled, users must now enter their e-mail and password to delete their account, complete with a big red warning message to make things more clear. 6
  • Removed ajax flood protection added in 2.03.05, it was causing more trouble than it was worth, for now
  • The system info panel now uses ajax to fetch the system pulse, errors, and security rating. 1
  • Added directives to main htaccess to increase upload max and post max sizes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue causing the maintenance admin panel to not correctly load the right tab after using a utility
  • While the maintenance admin said it was flushing things older then 90 days it was actually using 30, this has been restored to 90
  • Fixed bug causing notes, shouts, and messages to not be properly deleted when deleting a user account
  • Fixed bug causing photos and their comments to not be deleted when deleting a user account that created the photo
  • Fixed bug causing pagebreaks in news, when used inside a DIV element, to break the page layout 4
  • Fixed bug when editing a shout, it would incorrectly alert that the message was blank 6
  • Fixed bug causing other panels to not display when the user panel was disabled or deleted
  • Fixed: When creating a new news draft and saving, then changing something and posting it rather than saving again, it would keep the old draft as well as posting the new one.
  • Fixed bug causing auto-saved content with the WYSIWYG to be loaded on new items
  • Fixed bug in function imgSafe allowing empty filenames
  • Fixed bug allowing photos to be added in gallery without an actual photo being uploaded


  • Added CSRF protection to contact form & login form


  1. Speed Improvement
  2. Security Improvement
  3. Can be overridden with theme
  4. Special Thanks to rydawg
  5. Special Thanks to phonzie
  6. Special Thanks to c3 for the idea/find

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