phpHaze 2.03.07


03/26/2014  phpHaze 2.03.07

It's final. We've reached a stable version of phpHaze and a stable version of the 2.03 series where we added the photo gallery. The next thing up should be the forum module!

New Features

  • Added loading alert when uploading photos
  • You can now save a photo and immediately open a new form to add more by using the 'Save & New' button. This is not available when editing photos.


  • You can no longer delete an image from a photo's record. Instead, you can overwrite it with a new image. To actually delete a photo, delete the full record rather than the image itself.
  • Replaced the old boxover tooltip with jQuery equivalent to reduce system javascript size

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed 'back' button in photos admin that appears when saving photos
  • Fixed errors that occurred when uploading a photo that was too big and handled them gracefully for the user so they know what happened
  • Quality of converted BMPs are now maintained rather than lost in conversion
  • Fixed issue causing photos without a title prior to the 2.03.06 update to be 'un-editable' due to a "image not detected" error.
  • Changing the timestamp for "Logs" now correctly updates the format for system event logs

Layout Fixes

  • Removed rogue HR from account page, only shows if delete account is enabled

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