phpHaze 2.03


09/29/2013  phpHaze 2.03

One of our biggest upgrades ever, if not the biggest overall. Very little functionality differences in this version but so many files had to be updated to apply the changes for sprite-driven icons that we're at a new minor version. Getting through this upgrade will be a huge step in the best direction. As a direct result of this update, you should notice your website loading about 150% faster than it was before.

New Features
- new universal admin interface that allows us as developers to easily fix bugs to the common admin interface without having to update each one
- when clicking 'link page' from the pages admin, the link that is created will match the user access set for the page
- added alerts and other various styling to the sys.css, alerts are now used throughout the application instead of deprecated msgBox function
- added htaccess compression for css/js files

- converted most of the icons used by the system to sprites, which results in much faster page load times and less lag when loading new pages
- various theme styles have been moved to sys.css
- various theme functions have been moved to core/render for the time being, will be moved back to theme later

Bug Fixes
- fixed browser inconsistencies between various admin pages
- fixed bug causing contact form to trigger flood if you first had some errors before sending (Also displays alert appropriately if truly flooding)
- fixed bug causing notice errors to be generated if reading message in inbox from previously deleted user
- fixed slashes bugs in both links and navigation admin

Special thanks to rydawg for contributing some of his time to this update. It is always greatly appreciated.

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