phpHaze v2 Ready for Release

08/18/2010 phpHaze v2 Ready for Release

I have finally gotten to a stopping point in phpHaze v2. This of course does not mean that I am actually finished as there is still a quite long list of things that I want to do as soon as possible. I've just finally gotten it to a point where I can stop working on it and release new features and bug fixes as upgrade releases.

phpHaze v2 will be controlled and secured by a serial key given to each installation so there is no chance for the software being stolen and installed on an unauthorized domain. If you wish to become a phpHaze user, you will need to let me know and I will instruct you on what to do next.

Most of what was promised in v2 has been added except for discussion forums, these will have to be added later when there are no other issues to resolve or features to add. I can't actually think of any big features that have been added since I opened this site, but it definitely has come a long way. Most of what I've added was new settings to toggle, making more things modular and easy-to-toggle along the way.

I still intend to keep the software private and out of the public's hands and I think this is for the best.

Here are some things that are new that I can think of right off the top of my head:

1. YouTube support for Media Player; i've added functionality to the media player which will allow you to put YouTube links in the playlist - which will result in a song in the player. Over half of the ones on my player are directly from YouTube, while others are actual MP3s that I have uploaded.

2. Image and File Management; you can now manage files in multiple image directories, as well as manage different types of files such as icons (for the favicon), media files, etc.

3. Ajax Notes and Comments; I've added a note system which is used for various things around the site, most notably in the admin panel, such as user accounts. You can post notes on the account that other administrators can see. The old comment system has been completely revamped and now uses Ajax to process the requests.

4. Private Messaging; Again, I've completely redone the way this worked in the past, and now includes a few new features such as the ability to send encrypted messages and the ability to forward messages to other users.

5. User Level management; you can now manage the user levels used by the system to handle permissions. You can add and edit and delete them as you wish, however the 5 basic ones provided at install can not be deleted; only renamed and their permissions adjusted.

6. Panels; you can now choose which panels show up on which pages of the site, including inside the admin panel.

There is so much more but I can't think of it right now. You really just need to take it for a test spin yourself and see all the differences that make it better than every other CMS out there!

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