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01/25/2014 phpHaze 2.03.03

This is partially a preparatory update for forums; when upgrading, the forum module is automatically added to your config, but it's currently disabled as forums are still in development, look out for them in the next update following this one. Everything else are things that were either pending bug fixes or slight adjustments.

10/21/2013 phpHaze 2.03.02

You may be wondering what happened to 2.03.01. We had to do an emergency upgrade to address a critical bug related to spam. Since it was such a small update, we felt no need to make a post about it.

09/29/2013 phpHaze 2.03

One of our biggest upgrades ever, if not the biggest overall. Very little functionality differences in this version but so many files had to be updated to apply the changes for sprite-driven icons that we're at a new minor version. Getting through this upgrade will be a huge step in the best direction. As a direct result of this update, you should notice your website loading about 150% faster than it was before.

09/15/2013 phpHaze 2.02.09

New Features
- added notifications for various things to system info panel, shows users that need activation, pending links, etc
- added search to tags page
- added sorting to tags page
- added missing RSS feed for tags
- file manager now shows the time the file was uploaded (technically last modified)
- .gz is now an accepted file type
- version check should automatically check for a new version if a check hasn't been performed in the past 2 weeks

09/01/2013 phpHaze 2.02.08

Service release for 2.02 series that addresses various bugs and adds some necessary functionality. The forums are close people. Look forward to the next 2-3 updates. Unfortunately, this update turned out to be quite a bit bigger than I anticipated.

08/12/2013 phpHaze 2.02.07

New Features
- added pagination to shoutbox archive
- news drafts are now clickable in the news admin, it takes you to the editor as expected.

08/08/2013 phpHaze 2.02.06

New Features
- bbcode is now stripped from downloaded messages
- added 'system errors' to admin > system > logs. allows viewing of the php error log located in private/logs directory
- added 'cb' class to sys.css; applies style 'clear:both' to element
- added 'bmp' as a recognized image type
- added 'v' and 'dv' functions for debugging. h/t ry-dawg

07/29/2013 phpHaze 2.02.05

New Features
- introduced 'sys.css' which will become the core stylesheet for phpHaze, which will prevent further theme updates in the future. this of course means it will require a few more in the near future, but no more after that. it will provide some basic styling that can be expanded upon by your themes stylesheet.

07/25/2013 phpHaze 2.02.04

This started out as a small follow-up service release to 2.02.03, but ended up with me entirely rewriting the way bbcode is handled in phpHaze.

07/21/2013 phpHaze 2.02.03

Bug Fixes
- fixed pagination bug in file manager
- fixed bug in photos causing category descriptions to contain slashes

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