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06/08/2013 phpHaze 2.02.02

Bug Fixes
- fixed undefined notice bug when editing categories
- fixed blank title bug in photos admin
- fixed bug in photos page that caused a fatal error when facebook module wasn't enabled

04/28/2013 phpHaze 2.02.01

Your slightly larger than usual service release, the first since the release of 2.02
There are no database changes in this version.
There are some small theme additions in this version.
Bug Fixes, Changes, and a new feature.

02/28/2013 Dawgbone Mobile

One of my latest projects, the mobile version of It also doubles as an iPhone web app. It's pretty lightweight but its very efficient. I did my best to use few images and scripting to make it run as fast as possible.

02/20/2013 phpHaze 2.02

The Photo Gallery has arrived! The 2nd minor upgrade for phpHaze has added a good number of new features, changes, and bug fixes.

02/07/2013 Tires First

Tires First . One of the largest and longest projects I've worked on in my career. I spent about 7 months on this website, working on it a few hours every other day during the week. It's had a lot of additions throughout time and still really isn't completed, but it is finally live, so I decided to post it here.

02/07/2013 Bethany Erin Photography

Bethany Erin Photography . This was a pretty small project, its just a basic photo album for my client's new photography business. The client (Bethany) actually designed the site her self, I just put things together into a real website. She seems to do pretty good work so please be sure to stop by and check it out.

01/29/2013 phpHaze 2.01.03

A new zip image upload feature, improved shoutbox layout, some bug fixes and more.

12/21/2012 phpHaze 2.01.02

A quick update to add some new features for a client that were planned for a later update but decided to go ahead and do them now. Also a few bug fixes here and there.

09/30/2012 phpHaze 2.01.01

Just a quick update to address a few issues with some client sites. Nothing really special to see here.

08/22/2012 phpHaze 2.01.00

Our biggest update since the launch of phpHaze 2.0. A good number of new features, bug fixes, etc. Enjoy!

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