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06/22/2012 phpHaze 2.00.04

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug in tags panel causing some tags to duplicate themselves and show more than once
- Fixed overflow issue in latest comments panel
- Fixed L165 notice error in emoticons admin
- Fixed bug in links directory causing inactive links to display
- Updated robots.txt to reflect new directories added in prior updates

03/25/2011 phpHaze 2.00.03

New Features:
- Empowered sendmail() function with ability to accept file attachments

03/07/2011 phpHaze 2.00.02

Just some more small fixes that were forgotten in the first service release.

03/02/2011 phpHaze 2.00.01

Just a small service release, the first 'official' one so far, and nothing to major. Just a few small fixes here and there.

08/18/2010 phpHaze v2 Ready for Release

I have finally gotten to a stopping point in phpHaze v2. This of course does not mean that I am actually finished as there is still a quite long list of things that I want to do as soon as possible. I've just finally gotten it to a point where I can stop working on it and release new features and bug fixes as upgrade releases.

03/22/2010 haze2: The Write-up

All admin areas have a built in search module and user friendly GUI to make navigation and management simple and powerful.

03/22/2010 phpHaze v2

Sorry about the recent downtime, for anyone who may of actually been visiting the site. I had it turned off for about a year while I sorted some things out in life as well as work on the latest version of phpHaze.

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