phpHaze 2.05


05/12/2014  phpHaze 2.05

Primarily a service release for 2.04. We add some expected functionality and fix multiple bugs related to the forums. There are also some minor changes and improvements, as usual.

New Features

  • When reordering a forum the category is now saved to which category you dropped the forum into

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug causing alert close button to incorrectly target faceboxes
  • Fixed bug causing html breaks to appear in latest comments panel on hover
  • Fixed bug Forum Access not shown correctly on Forum Manager1
  • Fixed bug cant delete a description1
  • Fixed bug where forum titles were being overriden in edit mode1
  • Fixed errors when creating thread1
  • Fixed query error in search2
  • Fixed bug causing photos link to be disabled if newsletter module was disabled
  • Fixed bug causing apostrophes to be incorrectly encoded in link title fetcher
  • Fixed bug allowing access to forum module even when it was disabled
  • Fixed page titles to handle forums and forum threads

Layout Fixes

  • Fixed spacing issue for new thread link when no description for forum was added

Changes & Improvements

  • Added version numbers to system assets to activate proper caching
  • Moved default settings into vars.php
  • Loading.gif is now preloaded


  1. Special thanks to Rydawg
  2. Special thanks to Phonzie

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