phpHaze 2.07


05/31/2014  phpHaze 2.07

New Features

  • Comments now have better error reporting based on input
  • Expired database sessions are now cleared with other routine maintenance procedures

Changes & Improvements

  • Removed need for drivers directory in includes
  • Removed timing functionality from debug functions
  • Removed unsets from sys maintenance
  • Removed unnecessary preg_replace in admin menus in the user panel
  • Moved link_hit into sys.js
  • Restructured news controller to further isolate and attempt to resolve the elusive header bug
  • Moved all language strings to templates in search module1

Layout Fixes

  • Fixed layout issue with photo view when google+1 is enabled

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug allowing comments to be posted without a name
  • Fixed bug causing nested div responses when commenting
  • Fixed bug causing external URLs to break in the admin menus in the user panel


  1. Special thanks to phonzie


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Nathan Pinno 3 years 5 months ago   
Looks promising, I will be considering using phpHaze for a future site or to run my fanfiction archive Unlimited Fan Fiction. Would require custom work (could be a lot depending on Haze's current feature list), but it would be worth it to have a unified site there.
Dustin 3 years 9 months ago   
Awesome job!! Grin Thanks for always working so hard to bring us the very best!
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