• Application Development

    Does phpHaze or other ready-made applications not sound right for you? You just have too many ideas flowing and want it done a certain way. Thats understandable, we respect and admire that. There is absolutely no pressure go with phpHaze or another similar type of ready-made software. We are more than willing and beyond capable to venture into a "from scratch" project. Set up a meeting with one of our representatives and let's get started. We are going to do it your way.

  • Content Management Systems

    Our signature content management system phpHaze is as good as it gets. It's extremely flexible and geared towards an efficient end-user experience. You can manage your entire website right from the website itself. Whether it be adding new pages, changing a title, adding other content like photos, tweaking security; you can do it all. No FTP, no HTML, no calls/emails to your designer.

  • Data Backup & Recovery

    We provide both onsite and offsite backup with secure external storage for your business. Our data center complies with the strictest security standards and conform to industry best practices for power redundancy, cooling and protection symptoms. Offsite backups are encrypted and transferred via secure protocols to our facility for safe storage. You can access your data at any time simply by logging into a website.

  • E-Commerce

    Who really makes a website for non-profit reasons now other than churches, charities and other similar organizations? You obviously want to make money online or else you wouldn't be searching for a company to help you put your brand out there. E-commerce is now an entrenched part of the web design process along with search engine optimization and social media marketing. Together we can turn your website into a virtual version of your brick and mortar location (if applicable).

  • IT Support

    At elitixIT we understand just how vital technical support can be in order to successfully maintain your business's integrity. If your network security is in jeopardy we can assist you 24/7 over the phone or on site (provided you are within 50mi of Columbus, GA). We have the experience and resources required to provide you with the efficient & trusted IT support your business needs. Not sure who your prior specialists were? Is your system an entire mess? Want to just start over? We can help.

  • Professional Web Designs

    Build credibility online with a professional and creative website design that will attract both business and traffic. Every design whether customized or built from scratch is search engine optimized and coded to XHTML standards - the new industry standard. We can use your pre-existing layout, help you find a great one you like thats already available for purchase elsewhere online, or design one for you. It's your decision, and you have ultimate control.

  • Social Media Marketing

    We are sure you have seen the presentations and gotten the phone calls at the office begging you to spend your hard earned money with their marketing company because they are the best. We won't lie to you. No one can be the best if everyone claims to be. Let us help you manage the maze of social media marketing. If not already, you now know about the importance of your business being on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites. If you don't believe that, just ask Google how MySpace helped them explode in popularity thanks to word of mouth marketing.

  • Web Hosting

    We provide optional premium web hosting for all of our clients at a very low rate. We are competively priced and provide discounts when you choose to let us host your website rather than a third party. It is highly recommended that you allow us to host your website but it is in no way required. Unfortunately at this time we can not provide premium web hosting for non-existing clients.