Terms of Service

Article 1: Our Products, Downloads, & other Content.

Section 1: Not to be held responsible

Elitix Internet Technologies and its staff are not responsible for any legal actions taken against you if you have misued an item from this site and use it illegal, improperly, or irresponsibly. Elitix Internet Technologies and its staff are also not responsible for any problems that can occur as result of one of our websites. We will not accept responsibility for misuse of any of our products, downloads, or any other form of consumer-based product you acquire from us or our website.

Section 2: Server Downtime

In the case of our server being down, this is also not our responsibility, nor our fault. Most of our servers are free-based for personal use only and this is a non-profit website. We can not be held responsible for any product transfer problems, or download transfer problems pertaining to this website.

Article 2: Rights

Section 1: Our Rights

We reserve the right to rid our website of any file, product, graphic, content, at any time that we please without the consent of our users. We reserve the right to also make updates, edits, and changes to our website without the consent of our users. We reserve the right to remove your accessibility to this website at any time, without your consent, and without labeling a reason as to doing such.

Section 2: Your Rights

Your first and most important right as a visitor to this website is that you have ultimate privacy. This website will not collect anonymous, random, or private information at any time. You reserve the right to be able to vote in polls, submit survey information, sign my guestbook, all without worry of your information being stolen, or otherwise. More about this can be found in our Privacy Policy above.

Article 3: Web Design

Section 1: Basic Outline

All web development by our staff is done entirely by hand, and by no one else. No content, graphics, files, or any thing else sold or viewed by you has been taken without the owners consent, or legal purchase of that particular item. Web pages designed for you at a cost that contain problems will be fixed at no charge whatsoever if the problem was caused by our staff, and not yourself.