News (RSS) - Elitix Internet Technologies 18 Oct 2016 05:04:13 EST 18 Oct 2016 05:04:13 EST Live RSS News Feed for Elitix Internet Technologies phpHaze 2.07 <p><strong>New Features</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Comments now have better error reporting based on input</li><br /> <li>Expired database sessions are now cleared with other routine maintenance procedures</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><!-- pagebreak --></p><br /> <p><strong>Changes &amp; Improvements<br /></strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Removed need for drivers directory in includes</li><br /> <li>Removed timing functionality from debug functions</li><br /> <li>Removed unsets from sys maintenance</li><br /> <li>Removed unnecessary preg_replace in admin menus in the user panel</li><br /> <li>Moved link_hit into sys.js</li><br /> <li>Restructured news controller to further isolate and attempt to resolve the elusive header bug</li><br /> <li>Moved all language strings to templates in search module<sup>1</sup></li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Layout Fixes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Fixed layout issue with photo view when google+1 is enabled</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Bug Fixes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Fixed bug allowing comments to be posted without a name</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing nested div responses when commenting</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing external URLs to break in the admin menus in the user panel</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Legend</strong></p><br /> <ol><br /> <li>Special thanks to <strong>phonzie</strong></li><br /> </ol><br /> <p>&nbsp;</p> phpHaze 31 May 2014 21:57:14 EST phpHaze 2.06 <p>A few fixes and more changes and improvements as we inch closer towards 3.0.</p><br /> <p><!-- pagebreak --></p><br /> <p><strong>Bug Fixes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Fixed notice errors thrown in maintenance admin when flushing temp tables</li><br /> <li>Fixed implementation of compression_mode() to not send a blank string to ob_start, which generates an error</li><br /> <li>Removed unsets for vars that weren't used anymore in sys/maintenance</li><br /> <li>Fixed forum &amp; forum cat ordering issue in forums admin</li><br /> <li>Fixed 404 handling for images directory</li><br /> <li>Fixed wysiwyg stripping new style of advertisement code</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Changes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Changed use of PHP_SELF to SCRIPT_FILENAME in HAZE_SELF and DOMAIN_SELF</li><br /> <li>Removed unused translator class</li><br /> <li>Added htaccess rule for disallowing directory listings, which results in the ability to remove all empty index.php files</li><br /> <li>Got rid of the need for admin includes directory</li><br /> <li>Defined captcha as a service and moved to images directory</li><br /> <li>Moved compression to end of core</li><br /> </ul> phpHaze 25 May 2014 02:03:23 EST phpHaze 2.05 <p>Primarily a service release for 2.04. We add some expected functionality and fix multiple bugs related to the forums. There are also some minor changes and improvements, as usual.</p><br /> <p><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>New Features</strong></span></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>When reordering a forum the category is now saved to which category you dropped the forum into</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><!-- pagebreak --></p><br /> <p><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Bug Fixes</strong></span></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing alert close button to incorrectly target faceboxes</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing html breaks to appear in latest comments panel on hover</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug Forum Access not shown correctly on Forum Manager<sup>1</sup></li><br /> <li>Fixed bug cant delete a description<sup>1</sup></li><br /> <li>Fixed bug where forum titles were being overriden in edit mode<sup>1</sup></li><br /> <li>Fixed errors when creating thread<sup>1</sup></li><br /> <li>Fixed query error in search<sup>2 </sup></li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing photos link to be disabled if newsletter module was disabled</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing apostrophes to be incorrectly encoded in link title fetcher</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug allowing access to forum module even when it was disabled</li><br /> <li>Fixed page titles to handle forums and forum threads</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Layout Fixes</strong></span></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Fixed spacing issue for new thread link when no description for forum was added</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Changes &amp; Improvements</strong></span></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Added version numbers to system assets to activate proper caching</li><br /> <li>Moved default settings into vars.php</li><br /> <li>Loading.gif is now preloaded</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Legend</strong></span></p><br /> <ol><br /> <li>Special thanks to <strong>Rydawg</strong></li><br /> <li>Special thanks to <strong>Phonzie</strong></li><br /> </ol> phpHaze 12 May 2014 16:00:17 EST phpHaze 2.04 <p>They're finally here. The discussion forum module has arrived! We've put a lot of effort into making this as bug free as possible. There are still a large number of features we would like to add but we wanted to get the base module out there so that people could start using it as soon as possible.</p><br /> <p><!-- pagebreak --></p><br /> <p>Since this is a new module, you may have to add 'forums =&gt; true' to your private configuration file. If it's already listed, it may be disabled. Be sure to enable it.</p><br /> <p>There have been no other bug fixes, changes, or new features in this release. Please report any bugs you run across as soon as possible so that we can identify and resolve them in the first service release to this series.</p><br /> <p>Special thanks to RyDawg for all of the help getting this module put together.</p> phpHaze 13 Apr 2014 13:55:32 EST phpHaze 2.03.09 <p>A small bug fix release to fix some things caused by the 08 update.</p><br /> <p><strong>Changes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Moved ajax token out of meta tag into var to get rid of an HTML error</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><!-- pagebreak --></p><br /> <p><strong>Bug Fixes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>When viewing shoutbox help entities were displaying rather than formatted text</li><br /> <li>Shoutbox button, edit, and some other functions that were broken by previous update are now fixed</li><br /> <li>Auto linking in shoutbox was breaking with urls that started with a capital letter</li><br /> <li>Possibly fixed a bug that was causing errors to be generated in the logs related to CAPTCHA and headers</li><br /> </ul> phpHaze 09 Apr 2014 10:34:11 EST phpHaze 2.03.08 <p>So maybe I unintentionally lied last time. We were able to crush some age old bugs and add a necessary new feature before moving on to forums. This is now possibly the final 2.03 series service release. I know we've been saying that for a while but the forums may come out sooner than you expect!</p><br /> <p><strong>New Features</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Added auto linking to shoutbox, therefore links that are very long will no longer stretch the layout</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><!-- pagebreak --></p><br /> <p><strong>Changes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Facebox<br /> <ul><br /> <li>Removed need for closelabel.png</li><br /> <li>Added missing semicolons to js</li><br /> <li>Improved parts of js and css</li><br /> <li>Minified js for performance increase</li><br /> <li>Moved facebox into the system js to remove an HTTP request</li><br /> </ul><br /> </li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Bug Fixes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Added back the missing smaller photo thumbnails that were removed in previous upgrades</li><br /> <li>Fixed loading indicator issue in facebox</li><br /> <li>Fixed issue with 404 error pages in sub directories</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing a new line to appear in shoutbox after using enter key to send message</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Layout Fixes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Fixed empty h2 issue on account page</li><br /> <li>Fixed image overflow issue when editing a photo in admin</li><br /> </ul> phpHaze 05 Apr 2014 22:44:25 EST phpHaze 2.03.07 <p>It's final. We've reached a stable version of phpHaze and a stable version of the 2.03 series where we added the photo gallery. The next thing up should be the forum module!</p><br /> <p><strong>New Features</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Added loading alert when uploading photos</li><br /> <li>You can now save a photo and immediately open a new form to add more by using the 'Save &amp; New' button. This is not available when editing photos.</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><!-- pagebreak --></p><br /> <p><strong>Changes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>You can no longer delete an image from a photo's record. Instead, you can overwrite it with a new image. To actually delete a photo, delete the full record rather than the image itself.</li><br /> <li>Replaced the old boxover tooltip with jQuery equivalent to reduce system javascript size</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Bug Fixes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Fixed 'back' button in photos admin that appears when saving photos</li><br /> <li>Fixed errors that occurred when uploading a photo that was too big and handled them gracefully for the user so they know what happened</li><br /> <li>Quality of converted BMPs are now maintained rather than lost in conversion</li><br /> <li>Fixed issue causing photos without a title prior to the 2.03.06 update to be 'un-editable' due to a "image not detected" error.</li><br /> <li>Changing the timestamp for "Logs" now correctly updates the format for system event logs</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Layout Fixes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Removed rogue HR from account page, only shows if delete account is enabled</li><br /> </ul> phpHaze 26 Mar 2014 14:56:45 EST phpHaze 2.03.06 <p>Another fairly large service release with a few small new things here and there.</p><br /> <p><strong>New Features</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Photos admin now displays time, date, and author for photos<sup>6</sup></li><br /> <li>You no longer have to toggle the WYSIWYG to use it if its already enabled by admin</li><br /> <li>Added admin alert for when PHP upload_max_filesize is less than the maxes set in admin panel</li><br /> <li>The advanced site search now includes photos</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><!-- pagebreak --></p><br /> <p><strong>Changes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>System maintenance functions are now automatically run by system administrators instead of regular admins</li><br /> <li>Most maintenance related functionality has been moved into class format</li><br /> <li>If enabled, users must now enter their e-mail and password to delete their account, complete with a big red warning message to make things more clear.<sup>6</sup></li><br /> <li>Removed ajax flood protection added in 2.03.05, it was causing more trouble than it was worth, for now</li><br /> <li>The system info panel now uses ajax to fetch the system pulse, errors, and security rating.<sup>1</sup></li><br /> <li>Added directives to main htaccess to increase upload max and post max sizes</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Bug Fixes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Fixed issue causing the maintenance admin panel to not correctly load the right tab after using a utility</li><br /> <li>While the maintenance admin said it was flushing things older then 90 days it was actually using 30, this has been restored to 90</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing notes, shouts, and messages to not be properly deleted when deleting a user account</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing photos and their comments to not be deleted when deleting a user account that created the photo</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing pagebreaks in news, when used inside a DIV element, to break the page layout<sup>4</sup></li><br /> <li>Fixed bug when editing a shout, it would incorrectly alert that the message was blank<sup>6</sup></li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing other panels to not display when the user panel was disabled or deleted</li><br /> <li><span class="autogrow-textarea">Fixed: When creating a new news draft and saving, then changing something and posting it rather than saving again, it would keep the old draft as well as posting the new one.<br /></span></li><br /> <li><span class="autogrow-textarea">Fixed bug causing auto-saved content with the WYSIWYG to be loaded on new items</span></li><br /> <li><span class="autogrow-textarea">Fixed bug in function imgSafe allowing empty filenames</span></li><br /> <li><span class="autogrow-textarea">Fixed bug allowing photos to be added in gallery without an actual photo being uploaded</span></li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Security</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Added CSRF protection to contact form & login form</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Legend</strong></p><br /> <ol><br /> <li>Speed Improvement</li><br /> <li>Security Improvement</li><br /> <li>Can be overridden with theme</li><br /> <li>Special Thanks to <strong>rydawg</strong></li><br /> <li>Special Thanks to <strong>phonzie</strong></li><br /> <li>Special Thanks to <strong>c3</strong> for the idea/find</li><br /> </ol> phpHaze 02 Mar 2014 01:23:50 EST phpHaze 2.03.05 <p>This is a fairly large service release that addresses a number of past documented issues. We also add a few small features here and there. This is hopefully the last service release necessary before we roll out the new highly anticipated forum module.</p><br /> <p><strong>New Features<br /></strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Added user level to subscriber list in newsletter admin</li><br /> <li>Custom pages now have a div wrapped around their HTML with a custom ID, like "page_test" for a page you created titled "test". This allows a designer to come in and customize CSS/JS on a page-by-page basis, if necessary. Just allows for further consumer flexibility.</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><!-- pagebreak --></p><br /> <p><strong>Bug Fixes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Fixed redundant call to handle installer in core</li><br /> <li>Fixed issue with news trimming causing paragraphs to be trimmed prematurely in the middle of HTML code if the paragraph was longer than normal</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing categories to show slashes in textarea when saving</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing news images uploaded with a news post to be stretched when they are smaller than the max size set in settings</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug in bbcode images that caused domains with ".php" as part of it (like to be rejected by the system</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing errors on some cases when using link data fetcher in links admin<sup>4</sup></li><br /> <li>Fixed bug allowing blank titles to be saved in photos admin</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing a small 60px photo to be created for some uploads in photo gallery</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Changes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Moved external drivers & includes outside of installers reach<sup>1</sup></li><br /> <li>Newsletter admin subscriber list is now ordered by user level descending then user name ascending</li><br /> <li>Improved the way the system pulse was testing cURL, time decreased by about 0.100 seconds.<sup>1</sup></li><br /> <li>Moved inline styles from bbcode images to sys.css class<sup>3</sup></li><br /> <li>Moved inline styles from shoutbox to sys.css class<sup>3</sup></li><br /> <li>Made some changes to the way ajax tokens work to improve ajax reliability</li><br /> <li>Instead of allowing a BMP to be uploaded in the photo gallery, it now first converts it to JPG which effectively fixes a previous bug.<sup>4</sup></li><br /> <li>The search module has been completely re-written. As a result, it will no longer fill up error logs.<sup>5</sup></li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Legend</strong></p><br /> <ol><br /> <li>Speed Improvement</li><br /> <li>Security Improvement</li><br /> <li>Can be overridden with theme</li><br /> <li>Special Thanks to <strong>rydawg</strong></li><br /> <li>Special Thanks to <strong>phonzie</strong></li><br /> </ol> phpHaze 25 Feb 2014 10:58:10 EST phpHaze 2.03.04 <p><strong>New Features</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Added ability to add new admin notifications in the custom include file<sup>1 </sup></li><br /> <li>Added ability to have drop down sub navigation links in admin<sup>3</sup></li><br /> <li>Added ability to enable/disable multiple navigation links at a time in admin</li><br /> <li>Added ability in navigation admin when adding a new link; the ability to choose what link to add it after, for ordering purposes</li><br /> <li>Added check to system pulse for apache module "deflate".</li><br /> </ul><br /> <!-- pagebreak --><br /> <p><strong>Changes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Restructured & improved first few sections of core</li><br /> <li>Restructured & improved system background</li><br /> <li>Restructured & improved haze_meta_deta function<sup>2</sup></li><br /> <li>Added LOW_PRIORITY to link hits query to reduce unnecessary server load</li><br /> <li>Replaced all instances of LOW_PRIORITY in db queries with a core controlled definition</li><br /> <li>GZ compression now only occurs in the following circumstances<br /> <ul><br /> <li>bNO_GZ must not be sent by controller (currently protecting downloads)</li><br /> <li>HTTP must accept 'gzip'</li><br /> <li>Must not be in CLI mode</li><br /> </ul><br /> </li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Bug Fixes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Fixed a possible ordering issue w/ universal draggable ordering</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing login to redirect incorrectly when in a sub directory like forums</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug when clicking a file's link in file manager the file wouldn't download properly</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing pagebreak not to work properly in some cases for WYSIWYG news</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing wrong message data to display when viewing a message in message center</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing errors to be generated when an invalid ID is given when viewing a message in message center</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing admin login (when using admin/ from bookmark) to incorrectly redirect you after login, overall this affected all sub directory logins</li><br /> <li>Fixed possible bug in security settings causing empty list for HTTPS files</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Legend</strong></p><br /> <ol><br /> <li>Needs Documentation</li><br /> <li>Special thanks to <strong>Rydawg</strong>!</li><br /> <li>Requires theme changes to work properly</li><br /> </ol> phpHaze 16 Feb 2014 15:43:33 EST phpHaze 2.03.03 <p>This is partially a preparatory update for forums; when upgrading, the forum module is automatically added to your config, but it's currently disabled as forums are still in development, look out for them in the next update following this one. Everything else are things that were either pending bug fixes or slight adjustments.<!-- pagebreak --></p><br /> <p><strong>Changes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>The order of the system error logs is now flipped so the latest error is at the top</li><br /> <li>Consolidated draggable classes for panels/navigation admin and etc</li><br /> <li>When newsletter send's fail they are now logged</li><br /> <li>Redesigned &amp; improved the way login box was being built, allowing for expansion later</li><br /> <li><span style="text-decoration: underline;">WYSWIYG</span><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Removed broken spell check feature</li><br /> <li>Removed possibly buggy restore draft feature</li><br /> <li>Adjusted layout of buttons to better accomodate skinnier layouts</li><br /> </ul><br /> </li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Security Fixes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Fixed issue with cookie logins not setting the HTTPS flag properly</li><br /> <li>Mail when sent via SMTP is now secured via SSL appropriately</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Bug Fixes</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing an error count of 1 to appear in system info panel if log file exists but no errors in it</li><br /> <li>File types in the panels admin &amp; security settings admin have been updated to accurately reflect the types of pages that can be used</li><br /> <li>Fixed issue causing error to show in admin panel for config being writable in the new server environment</li><br /> <li>Fixed deprecated call to function 'split' in core</li><br /> <li>Fixed deprecated calls to function 'eregi' in search and backup utilities</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing errors to be thrown when a resource didn't exist for making file lists</li><br /> <li>Links admin will now fetch titles/descriptions for sites that use the 'og' protocol in their meta tags for html headers</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug causing a javascript error when logging in</li><br /> <li><span style="text-decoration: underline;">WYSIYWG<br /></span><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Fixed Icon list</li><br /> <li>Photos button only shows if there are photos to select from</li><br /> <li>Fixed bug with photo list causing weird characters to appear</li><br /> </ul><br /> </li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Libraries</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Updated PHPMailer class and all of its implementations in haze</li><br /> <li>Updated magpierss class</li><br /> </ul><br /> <p><strong>Other</strong></p><br /> <ul><br /> <li>Added feature to upgrade script that can add modules, disable, enable, etc.</li><br /> </ul> phpHaze 25 Jan 2014 17:49:53 EST phpHaze 2.03.02 You may be wondering what happened to 2.03.01. We had to do an emergency upgrade to address a critical bug related to spam. Since it was such a small update, we felt no need to make a post about it.<br /> <br /> 2.03.02 centers mainly around some interface improvements for the admin panel, continuing what was started in 2.03. You may find some new features in this one you like. Believe it or not, these updates add features that will be used in the new forums (draggable ordering, bbcode wysiwyg, etc)<br /> <br /> <b>New Features</b><br /> - You can now order links in the navigation admin simply by dragging them around<br /> - The same ordering technology has been applied to the panels admin<br /> - Link order will be refreshed/reset at various intervals, reducing the need to do it manually<br /> - The same has been applied to panels admin<br /> - an alert will now appear on the admin index if maintenance mode is enabled<br /> - When using the new WYSIWYG in news, panels, or pages admin, you can easily add a photo from the gallery as well as any of the haze 16x16 icons<br /> <br /> <b>Updates</b><br /> - The news admin has been updated to use the new wysiwyg<br /> - The pages and panels admin have been updated to use new wysiwyg<br /> - The "Size" bbcode for font sizing has been updated to support a few variations of the syntax<br /> - Expanded bbcode parser to accept [size=12] as well as [size=12pt] and output it properly regardless<br /> <br /> <b>Interface Changes</b><br /> - completely redesigned the system -> maintenance administration area to be more intuitive and user friendly.<br /> <br /> <b>Bug Fixes</b><br /> - fixed bug causing a "<" to show up when having choosing a "strong" password in account or sign up<br /> - fixed bug causing PHP code to get jumbled when using wysiwyg, removed notice as a result<br /> - fixed bug causing a random notice error in shoutbox<br /> - fixed bug that was incorrectly causing system to think using parentheses in a shout was not allowed<br /> <br /> <b>Layout Fixes</b><br /> - fixed alignment issue with checkbox in photo settings<br /> <br /> <b>External Libraries</b><br /> - added jQuery UI to go with jQuery which was added a few upgrades earlier. this will allow us to do many more things with interfaces in haze<br /> - Updated wysiwyg to a much smaller and much better version phpHaze 21 Oct 2013 12:23:01 EST phpHaze 2.03 One of our biggest upgrades ever, if not the biggest overall. Very little functionality differences in this version but so many files had to be updated to apply the changes for sprite-driven icons that we're at a new minor version. Getting through this upgrade will be a huge step in the best direction. As a direct result of this update, you should notice your website loading about 150% faster than it was before. <br /> <br /> <b>New Features</b><br /> - new universal admin interface that allows us as developers to easily fix bugs to the common admin interface without having to update each one<br /> - when clicking 'link page' from the pages admin, the link that is created will match the user access set for the page<br /> - added alerts and other various styling to the sys.css, alerts are now used throughout the application instead of deprecated msgBox function<br /> - added htaccess compression for css/js files<br /> <br /> <b>Changes</b><br /> - converted most of the icons used by the system to sprites, which results in much faster page load times and less lag when loading new pages<br /> - various theme styles have been moved to sys.css<br /> - various theme functions have been moved to core/render for the time being, will be moved back to theme later<br /> <br /> <b>Bug Fixes</b><br /> - fixed browser inconsistencies between various admin pages<br /> - fixed bug causing contact form to trigger flood if you first had some errors before sending (Also displays alert appropriately if truly flooding)<br /> - fixed bug causing notice errors to be generated if reading message in inbox from previously deleted user<br /> - fixed slashes bugs in both links and navigation admin<br /> <br /> Special thanks to rydawg for contributing some of his time to this update. It is always greatly appreciated. phpHaze 29 Sep 2013 12:25:30 EST phpHaze 2.02.09 <b>New Features</b><br /> - added notifications for various things to system info panel, shows users that need activation, pending links, etc<br /> - added search to tags page<br /> - added sorting to tags page<br /> - added missing RSS feed for tags<br /> - file manager now shows the time the file was uploaded (technically last modified)<br /> - .gz is now an accepted file type<br /> - version check should automatically check for a new version if a check hasn't been performed in the past 2 weeks<br /> <br /> <b>Interface</b><br /> - news admin links are now trimmed a bit to prevent stretching<br /> - layout fixes for interface buttons on users and news admin<br /> <br /> <b>Bug Fixes</b><br /> - fixed bug causing system error if there wasn't a news image when deleting a news article<br /> - fixed bug causing incorrect entry count to show on tags page<br /> - fixed bug causing collapsable panels to not save when you toggle as a user<br /> - fixed bug causing system error when accessing admin directly from bookmark<br /> - fixed bug causing wrong column header to show on tags page<br /> - fixed bug allowing users to edit a higher level user than their self (matches delete)<br /> <br /> <b>Sys CSS</b><br /> - added labels<br /> - added alerts phpHaze 15 Sep 2013 00:34:08 EST phpHaze 2.02.08 Service release for 2.02 series that addresses various bugs and adds some necessary functionality. The forums are close people. Look forward to the next 2-3 updates. Unfortunately, this update turned out to be quite a bit bigger than I anticipated.<br /> <br /> <b>New Features</b><br /> - added Server IP to system info/pulse<br /> - when the contact form is successfully processed, it now logs the data for that submission, rather than just saying it was successful. this allows you to see messages sent when they aren't received by the intended email address for whatever reason<br /> - added password class. currently only handles password generation for the installer, but this will be expanded upon later, to possibly handle password validation and other things.<br /> - added forums definition (forum path) in prep for future forums update<br /> - Added bIS_CLI definition to detect command line execution<br /> - added missing page comments to latest comments panel<br /> - added access limiting from latest comments panel to rss comments<br /> <br /> <b>Bug Fixes</b><br /> - The Terms of Service requirement breaks the sign-up process when the feature is enabled<br /> - definition USER_IP throws error when system executed by command line<br /> - only system admins have successful logins when maintenance mode is enabled<br /> - added missing check for HAZE being defined in classes/bbcode and classes/pulse<br /> - fixed bug causing latest comments panel to display items even if user didnt have access to them<br /> - fixed bug causing rss comment links to not take you to the comment on site<br /> <br /> <b>Security Fixes</b><br /> - fixed a possible security loophole in the login drivers<br /> <br /> <b>Locale Fixes</b><br /> - Added missing locale to pass match and pass strength js functions<br /> <br /> <b>Layout Fixes</b><br /> - fixed bug causing file uploads with long names to stretch layout in news admin<br /> <br /> <b>Updates</b><br /> - Updated v() and dv() functions, moved to separate functions file<br /> - refactored the way pass match and pass strength are implemented<br /> - refactored the login logic<br /> <br /> <b>System CSS</b><br /> - added float classes (fl, fr, fn)<br /> - added missing vertical alignment classes (at, att, atb)<br /> - added clear classes (cl,cr)<br /> - added center class<br /> - added clearfix class (cf)<br /> - added display classes (dn, db, dib, dt)<br /> <br /> Special thanks to <a href='' target='_blank'><b>rydawg</b></a>, as he contributed to some of these updates. phpHaze 01 Sep 2013 18:32:04 EST phpHaze 2.02.07 <b>New Features</b><br /> - added pagination to shoutbox archive<br /> - news drafts are now clickable in the news admin, it takes you to the editor as expected. <br /> <br /> <b>System Bug Fixes</b><br /> - ran a script for level definitions that replaces spaces with underscores to work alongside the previous update to levels admin<br /> - fixed bug causing undefined notice error to be thrown when searching news categories<br /> - added missing locale for "showing # of # results" for file manager<br /> - fixed bug causing undefined notice error to be thrown on comments RSS<br /> - fixed bug causing private/bin directory to not show up as a manageable directory<br /> - fixed bug causing the counts in news archives panel to show drafts<br /> - fixed bug causing news draft to appear in search<br /> - fixed bug causing banned members to appear in search<br /> - fixed bug causing an empty category box to appear in news categories panel if drafts are saved but no posted articles<br /> - fixed bug causing drafts to be counted in the news category list column for 'entries'<br /> - spaces are now replaced with underscores in level PHP definition when saving new levels<br /> <br /> <b>Layout Bug Fixes</b><br /> - fixed bug causing "no files found" message in file manager to appear above the interface controls rather than below them<br /> - fixed bug causing the "showing # of # results" in file manager to appear above the interface controls rather than inside of them<br /> - fixed bug causing interface controls for logs admin to cause the page to be too wide in some layouts<br /> <br /> <b>System Stylesheet Changes</b><br /> - added text align classes (tl, tr, tc = left, right, center respectively)<br /> - added 'am' class (applies vertical-align:middle)<br /> - added 'ab' class (applies vertical-align:bottom) phpHaze 12 Aug 2013 20:00:44 EST phpHaze 2.02.06 <b>New Features</b><br /> - bbcode is now stripped from downloaded messages<br /> - added 'system errors' to admin > system > logs. allows viewing of the php error log located in private/logs directory<br /> - added 'cb' class to sys.css; applies style 'clear:both' to element<br /> - added 'bmp' as a recognized image type<br /> - added 'v' and 'dv' functions for debugging. h/t ry-dawg<br /> <br /> <b>Bug Fixes</b><br /> - fixed long standing bug when downloading a message from your inbox, sometimes the message's content would be chopped off<br /> - fixed bug causing single quotes to not be properly decoded when downloading a message<br /> - fixed bug causing newlines to not be interpreted properly when downloading messages<br /> - fixed bug causing empty box to display when no maintenance message is set but maintenance mode is enabled<br /> - fixed undefined notice bug in core causing log files to fill up<br /> - fixed bug in levels admin causing definition to attempt to use spaces instead of underscores<br /> - fixed bug causing user search to not work when you're viewing a user profile<br /> - fixed undefined notice bug in sys/runtimes.php<br /> <br /> <b>Layout Fixes</b><br /> - added center class to table in system info admin to properly center table in XHTML and HTML5 layouts<br /> <br /> <b>Layout Changes</b><br /> - changed system info panel to table style to maintain consistency with admin version<br /> <br /> <b>Changes</b><br /> - moved system check function from core to separate class now called 'pulse'. used by both system info admin and system info panel<br /> - message downloads no longer create themselves in the temp directory. instead they are created on-the-fly.<br /> - converted tabs to spaces in logs admin<br /> - moved name of phphaze error log to a vars.php controlled definition so the same filename can be accessed throughout the system<br /> - removed img_type array instantiation from makefilelist in core, uses image_types array from vars phpHaze 08 Aug 2013 11:28:31 EST phpHaze 2.02.05 <b>New Features</b><br /> - introduced 'sys.css' which will become the core stylesheet for phpHaze, which will prevent further theme updates in the future. this of course means it will require a few more in the near future, but no more after that. it will provide some basic styling that can be expanded upon by your themes stylesheet.<br /> <br /> <b>Bug Fixes</b><br /> - removed check for moduleEnabled when loading facebook functions, this was a redundant check that caused other issues<br /> - added missing check for moduleEnabled to links page<br /> - fixed some bugs with profile switching in member directory<br /> - fixed bug allowing a banned profile to be viewed<br /> - fixed bugs in upgrade, install, and serial services that caused what would otherwise valid serial numbers to be rejected<br /> <br /> <b>Layout Fixes</b><br /> - fixed centering issue between XHTML and HTML5 on notes form<br /> - fixed centering issue between XHTML and HTML5 on comments form<br /> - fixed double bold issue in system info admin<br /> <br /> <b>Security Fixes</b><br /> - added tokens to ajax requests for added security<br /> <br /> <b>Changes</b><br /> - removed js/ajax/drivers.js, replaced function ajaxRequest with jQuery driven version in sys.js<br /> - updated and tested all features that used ajax to be sure they use the new function<br /> - moved footer js, header metas, header css to functions render for better core control, will require less updates to header.php phpHaze 29 Jul 2013 21:06:19 EST phpHaze 2.02.04 This started out as a small follow-up service release to 2.02.03, but ended up with me entirely rewriting the way bbcode is handled in phpHaze.<br /> <br /> <b>Bug Fixes</b><br /> - fixed bug allowing you to ban your own IP from the shoutbox<br /> - fixed bug causing an undefined function fatal error on custom pages when facebook module wasn't enabled, bug caused by 2.02.03 update<br /> - fixed display bug for page content footer, bug caused by 2.02.03 update<br /> - fixed design bugs on system info page in admin panel<br /> <br /> <b>Changes</b><br /> - removed use of deprecated 'e' modifier for preg_replace in core function "bbcode"<br /> - moved "bbcode" and "bbdecode" functions from core to a class file and instantiated class in core to be used as a global<br /> - renamed php_error_log in private/logs to phphaze-errors.log phpHaze 25 Jul 2013 21:49:15 EST phpHaze 2.02.03 <b>Bug Fixes</b><br /> - fixed pagination bug in file manager<br /> - fixed bug in photos causing category descriptions to contain slashes<br /> <br /> <b>New Features</b><br /> - Added check to core for Apache module "mod_security" being enabled. Results are shown on system info panel and admin area<br /> - Added valid_version function to core to validate phpHaze version numbers<br /> - added valid_serial_key function to core to valid phpHaze serial keys<br /> <br /> <b>Upgrades</b><br /> - upgraded version of jQuery to 1.10.1. It was badly out of date, and this will allow us to do a lot more with the phpHaze interface in the future.<br /> <br /> <b>Changes</b><br /> - some of the core functionality in the system javascript core were updated to use jquery. this process will continue throughout the next few upgrade releases. as a result, the file will remain non-minified until further notice. this may cause some slight delay in your page's loading process for slow connections.<br /> - adjusted positioning for content footer (facebook like, page details, etc) for custom pages (insignificant to most layouts, but big different in high-contrast ones like this one) phpHaze 21 Jul 2013 17:07:30 EST phpHaze 2.02.02 Bug Fixes <br /> - fixed undefined notice bug when editing categories<br /> - fixed blank title bug in photos admin<br /> - fixed bug in photos page that caused a fatal error when facebook module wasn't enabled<br /> <br /> Security Fixes <br /> - closed possible security holes in cats_manage.php phpHaze 08 Jun 2013 20:48:23 EST phpHaze 2.02.01 Your slightly larger than usual service release, the first since the release of 2.02<br /> There are no database changes in this version.<br /> There are some small theme additions in this version.<br /> Bug Fixes, Changes, and a new feature.<br /> <br /> <b>Bug Fixes</b><br /> - fixed bug in users panel causing new installs to break on facebook login<br /> - fixed display issue in users admin when viewing a single user's admin profile<br /> - encoded ampersand in facebook buttons for HTML validation<br /> - fixed bug causing 404 error when blacklisting an IP from the logs admin<br /> - fixed notice error when accessing site/admin directly without being logged in (not a security loophole, just a harmless notice error)<br /> - added missing localization for error 404 page<br /> - fixed newline bug in seo meta descriptions<br /> - fixed centering issue on newsletter page<br /> - fixed content type issue with RSS page<br /> - fixed character set issue with RSS page<br /> <br /> <u>Tags Panel and Page</u><br /> - added missing "rawurlencode" function to tags panel and tags page links so that spaces and things are properly encoded<br /> - fixed bug in tags panel causing drafted tags to show up in the count to the right of the tag name<br /> <br /> <b>Changes</b><br /> - changed sign up button on login help page to interface button<br /> - added more rows to link description in links admin add/edit<br /> - removed maintenance.php and maintenance mode now redirects to index.php with maintenance content<br /> - separated news.php and index.php news limits, news.php now uses system result limit from settings, front page uses separate front page limit<br /> <br /> <u>Admin: User Levels</u><br /> - removed deprecated bold tags<br /> - moved 'add new level' link to interface button above results<br /> - updated docblock<br /> - added missing localization<br /> - added new theme functions usage<br /> - when adding a new level, the php box now automatically fills itself out based on the name you typed in<br /> <br /> <b>New Features</b><br /> - added private bin directory which allows you to manage files in a secure location below the web root, file manager can work with these files (upload, rename, move, etc). it goes as far as 3 levels deep into a single directory.<br /> - added mod rewrite check to core, applied to sys info panel/page phpHaze 28 Apr 2013 23:25:04 EST phpHaze 2.02 The Photo Gallery has arrived! The 2nd minor upgrade for phpHaze has added a good number of new features, changes, and bug fixes.<br /> <br /> <b>New Features</b><br /> - Added "Photo Gallery"<br /> - Added new settings area, "Photo Gallery" (multiple new settings to toggle)<br /> - Added "Tags" page, similar to archives and categories. <br /> - Added most popular tags panel to replace old tags panel; linked to new tags page<br /> - Added Twitter support; added setting for toggle<br /> - Added Twitter share to news, links, and pages<br /> - The File Manager is now able to read/write directories inside of the root/bin directory. Just create a new directory, make sure its writable, and away you go!<br /> - Added photo comments to RSS <br /> - Added photo comments to latest comments panel<br /> - Added Google "plus one" button, added to news and pages<br /> - Added "Facebook" as a spider, so you can see when the Facebook scraper visits your site.<br /> - Added new GD font for Captcha, "Trebuchet" (from Windows "Trebuchet MS"). This is mainly for people who want a captcha image but want one that's a lot easier to read than the other packaged fonts.<br /> <br /> <b>Changes</b><br /> - Removed collapse/expand images in link directory. They were just not layout-friendly<br /> - Moved system JS and RSS HTML calls to system file to require no further theme modifications in the future (requires one possibly final header.php theme update)<br /> - Changed code for Facebook plugins to be HTML5 valid & changed script to asynchronous loading, also fixed bug causing login button to have to be enabled for like button to work<br /> - Removed deprecated "show_hide" function from sys.js and replaced usage with new "toggleObj"<br /> - Compressed sys.js to help with page loading time<br /> - Changed admin title "Image Verification" to "Captcha"<br /> <br /> <b>Bug Fixes</b><br /> - Fixed bug causing news drafts to show up in news archives panel<br /> - Fixed bug causing news drafts to show up in news categories panel<br /> - Fixed bug causing news drafts to show up in site statistics panel<br /> - Fixed bug causing multiple folder parameters to show in file manager when switching directories<br /> - Fixed bug in thumb_square function that made it fail on all non-jpg files<br /> - Fixed bug in images admin causing large zip files to throw the malicious script error<br /> - Fixed titles bug for rows, tags<br /> - Added missing ASSETS definition to core<br /> - Fixed bug causing RSS to be accessible even when system is under maintenance mode<br /> - Fixed bug in links admin causing link description fetcher to fail on some websites<br /> - Fixed bug in message center causing attachments to not work properly<br /> <br /> <b>Changes to Upgrader</b><br /> - The upgrade script now automatically runs the version checker so you no longer have to do this manually after an upgrade<br /> <br /> Thanks to the group of clients and testers that found most of these bugs and helped to expedite this upgrade package. phpHaze 20 Feb 2013 17:09:17 EST phpHaze 2.01.03 A new zip image upload feature, improved shoutbox layout, some bug fixes and more.<br /> <br /> <b>New Features, Changes, and Updates</b><br /> - Added ability to upload a zip file of images through images admin that unpacks itself, allowing many images to be uploaded at once.<br /> - Improved layout of shoutbox control area in various ways<br /> - Removed old home made "fadebox" and replaced it with new and improved "facebox". You'll start noticing it spring up in different places. The facebox also replaces the lightbox used in the images admin.<br /> <br /> <b>Bug Fixes</b><br /> - Fixed bug causing blacklist IP button to show up in logs admin for main admin<br /> - Fixed bug where 2nd profile link was missing BASEDIR definition, causing link to break if you were in admin panel<br /> - Fixed bug causing a file attachment to be disconnected from a page when saving a page that already had an attachment<br /> - Fixed bug causing message folders to disappear in the message center<br /> - Fixed bug causing tags from drafted news articles to show in the panel<br /> <br /> <b>Security Fixes</b><br /> - Fixed loophole allowing a user to read the shoutbox RSS feed without having the proper access level rights phpHaze 29 Jan 2013 22:34:17 EST phpHaze 2.01.02 A quick update to add some new features for a client that were planned for a later update but decided to go ahead and do them now. Also a few bug fixes here and there.<br /> <br /> <b>Bug Fixes:</b><br /> - Fixed major bug causing message functions to not work (like read, unread, save, delete)<br /> - Fixed bug when working with multiple messages in message center<br /> - Fixed bug in logs admin when entering a query and choosing a type<br /> - Fixed bug that caused folder totals in message center to be incorrect unless page was refreshed<br /> <br /> <b>Changes:</b><br /> - Session logins now stack in logs admin rather than creating new logs, like user logins.<br /> - Log types are now sorted alphabetically in the system logs admin.<br /> <br /> <b>New Features: </b><br /> - Facebook Comment System, can be toggled in settings->system->facebook phpHaze 21 Dec 2012 10:38:25 EST phpHaze 2.01.01 Just a quick update to address a few issues with some client sites. Nothing really special to see here.<br /> <br /> <b>New Features:</b><br /> - Added ability to enable/disable news on index page in theme settings<br /> <br /> <b>Tweaks:</b><br /> - Added trimming to page titles and page URLs in pages admin to prevent table stretching<br /> <br /> <b>Bug Fixes:</b><br /> - Added check for modules to disable home in theme settings<br /> <br /> <b>Updates:</b><br /> - none phpHaze 30 Sep 2012 17:25:25 EST phpHaze 2.01.00 Our biggest update since the launch of phpHaze 2.0. A good number of new features, bug fixes, etc. Enjoy!<br /> <br /> <u>New Features:</u><br /> - Added text version of captcha image verification and setting control ability.<br /> - Added ability to disable contact form from settings<br /> - Added detection support for iPhones, iPods, and iPads (note: this is NOT "mobile browser support", that is coming soon)<br /> - Added row that displays category URL when editing categories <br /> - File manager now accepts files with "pdf" as extension<br /> - Added 4 new fonts for use with captcha<br /> - Added preview to captcha settings<br /> - Added missing "Back to Logs Admin" link when searching logs<br /> - Added ability to view links by status in links admin<br /> - Added storing of IP# for submitted links and the ability to ban those IPs from links admin<br /> - Added ability to enable/disable the home panel on index page<br /> - Added new admin area that mimics system info panel<br /> - Added maximum notes limit for user's personal notes, controlled by user settings<br /> - Added feature to links admin that will fetch a sites meta data and title with the click of a button for titles and descriptions<br /> <br /> <u>Updates:</u><br /> - Updated basedir .htaccess to reflect changes from external testing<br /> <br /> <u>Bug Fixes:</u><br /> - Fixed major bug causing save, mark unread, mark read, and purge/delete to not work in message center<br /> - Fixed bug in message center when archiving or purging multiple messages that caused limits to not take effect<br /> - Fixed some missing locale issues from 2.00.04 update previously<br /> - Fixed bug in users admin preventing addition of new users<br /> - Fixed bug that caused "export" to display in blacklist when no entries exist<br /> - Fixed some locale issues in logs admin & links admin<br /> - Fixed bug in logs admin that prevented you from using both a query and a type in the log search<br /> - Fixed bug in images admin causing images on 2nd, 3rd pages (etc) to not properly pass the ID which allows editing/ deleting<br /> <br /> The reason we went with 2.01 instead of 2.00.05 is because we simply added to many new features for it to be considered a service release. This will give us a new slate to launch from when we need to do more service releases in the future. It helps us keep track of what new features we're fixing from what versions. Things can get complicated when you are dealing with so many sites that use your software. phpHaze 22 Aug 2012 11:07:06 EST phpHaze 2.00.04 <u>Bug Fixes:</u><br /> - Fixed bug in tags panel causing some tags to duplicate themselves and show more than once<br /> - Fixed overflow issue in latest comments panel<br /> - Fixed L165 notice error in emoticons admin<br /> - Fixed bug in links directory causing inactive links to display<br /> - Updated robots.txt to reflect new directories added in prior updates<br /> <br /> <u>Changes:</u><br /> - Attachments are now force-downloaded rather than just loaded in your browser<br /> - Time is now calculated by accounting for DST. By default, auto-detect has been enabled by the upgrade. You can turn it off if your time zones are set correctly but times seems to be an hour off after DST has taken effect.<br /> - UTC/GMT offsets (mainly for session time) have been adjusted for DST accordingly<br /> - Sitemap custom page links are now permalinks rather than dynamic URLs<br /> <br /> <u>Notes for this update:</u><br /> You will need to re-test your times, make sure they are formatting correctly to your desired local time. After the update, if your times are correct, leave the settings as-is. If they aren't check the DST setting in Time Settings. Make sure its enabled. If it is, then try disabling it. One or the other should get your times where they need to be. phpHaze 22 Jun 2012 14:56:18 EST phpHaze 2.00.03 <u>New Features:</u><br /> - Empowered sendmail() function with ability to accept file attachments<br /> <br /> <u>Bug Fixes:</u><br /> - Fixed fatal error on comments RSS<br /> - Added missing "Time Settings" admin area<br /> - Fixed bug in tags panel; tags were showing if you did not have access to the item they were for <br /> <br /> <u>Tweaks:</u><br /> - Made tags click-able once you click the "..." for tags on articles/news<br /> - System time is now calculated from GMT first, and then your offset. You may have to adjust your time offset(s) after this update. They are no longer controlled in the System Settings area.<br /> - When logging in and out, logs no longer are created. Instead the old one is updated. This saves space in the database, it works like spider visits in that each month a new log is created and updated.<br /> - When saving notes, 'please wait' no longer comes up. It seemed to hang up more often than not.<br /> <br /> <u>Security:</u><br /> - Added improved $_GET XSS protection to core<br /> <br /> <b>Message Center: </b><br /> <br /> <u>Bug Fixes:</u><br /> - Removed use of ASCII encoding when viewing messages as it was not working as expected (added in 2.00.01)<br /> - Fixed "12/31/1969" showing up in the message search box when searching, as well as other various bugs<br /> - Fixed L250 notice error<br /> - Fixed blank error message MSG_155<br /> - Fixed bug causing attachment to get lost when re-saving a previously saved draft<br /> <br /> <u>New Features: </u><br /> - Added toggle button that can hide/display folder list on left side<br /> - Added folder select button next to new compose button<br /> - Added ability to sort messages by newest/oldest on top<br /> - Added ability to print messages<br /> - Added ability to save messages to file<br /> - Added ability to email messages<br /> - Added popup option for message center<br /> - Added ability to send attached files for messages with the email<br /> <br /> <u>Tweaks: </u><br /> - To/From shows in correct folders in message center<br /> - Moved 'Compose Message' from folder list to top of message center by search<br /> - Replaced 'img' with actual image on bbcode buttons phpHaze 25 Mar 2011 10:15:19 EST phpHaze 2.00.02 Just some more small fixes that were forgotten in the first service release.<br /> <br /> - Fixed multiple notice errors in search results<br /> - Fixed "longdate" showing in news search results, it now shows the correct date<br /> - Fixed backwards English date style in links search results, now shows American style date<br /> - Fixed glitch in session extend that sometimes caused the countdown to get hang up or blink when you click it to extend phpHaze 07 Mar 2011 09:53:39 EST phpHaze 2.00.01 Just a small service release, the first 'official' one so far, and nothing to major. Just a few small fixes here and there.<br /> <br /> - Fixed bug in account.php that disallowed user from changing capitalization of user name<br /> - Added localization to account.php<br /> - Fixed notice errors when adding/deleting avatars; avatars/mini was not CHMOD-777 by installer; this also fixed the display issue in users online panel<br /> - Facebook settings no longer show up in system settings unless module is enabled<br /> - Fixed bug in users admin that logged the wrong author when adding an account, it now shows what account was added as well<br /> - Added ASCII encoding to message center for encrypted messages; messages are now encrypted both server-side and client-side<br /> - Fixed notice errors in news admin for locale bugs<br /> - Fixed bug in news admin when saving a draft, then previewing it, then saving it again created a duplicate draft phpHaze 02 Mar 2011 10:17:20 EST phpHaze v2 Ready for Release I have finally gotten to a stopping point in phpHaze v2. This of course does not mean that I am actually finished as there is still a quite long list of things that I want to do as soon as possible. I've just finally gotten it to a point where I can stop working on it and release new features and bug fixes as upgrade releases. <br /> <br /> phpHaze v2 will be controlled and secured by a serial key given to each installation so there is no chance for the software being stolen and installed on an unauthorized domain. If you wish to become a phpHaze user, you will need to <a href='contact.php'>let me know</a> and I will instruct you on what to do next.<br /> <br /> Most of what was promised in v2 has been added except for discussion forums, these will have to be added later when there are no other issues to resolve or features to add. I can't actually think of any big features that have been added since I opened this site, but it definitely has come a long way. Most of what I've added was new settings to toggle, making more things modular and easy-to-toggle along the way.<br /> <br /> I still intend to keep the software private and out of the public's hands and I think this is for the best.<br /> <br /> Here are some things that are new that I can think of right off the top of my head:<br /> <br /> 1. YouTube support for Media Player; i've added functionality to the media player which will allow you to put YouTube links in the playlist - which will result in a song in the player. Over half of the ones on my player are directly from YouTube, while others are actual MP3s that I have uploaded.<br /> <br /> 2. Image and File Management; you can now manage files in multiple image directories, as well as manage different types of files such as icons (for the favicon), media files, etc.<br /> <br /> 3. Ajax Notes and Comments; I've added a note system which is used for various things around the site, most notably in the admin panel, such as user accounts. You can post notes on the account that other administrators can see. The old comment system has been completely revamped and now uses Ajax to process the requests.<br /> <br /> 4. Private Messaging; Again, I've completely redone the way this worked in the past, and now includes a few new features such as the ability to send encrypted messages and the ability to forward messages to other users.<br /> <br /> 5. User Level management; you can now manage the user levels used by the system to handle permissions. You can add and edit and delete them as you wish, however the 5 basic ones provided at install can not be deleted; only renamed and their permissions adjusted.<br /> <br /> 6. Panels; you can now choose which panels show up on which pages of the site, including inside the admin panel.<br /> <br /> There is so much more but I can't think of it right now. You really just need to take it for a test spin yourself and see all the differences that make it better than every other CMS out there! phpHaze 18 Aug 2010 15:21:36 EST haze2: The Write-up All admin areas have a built in search module and user friendly GUI to make navigation and management simple and powerful.<br /> <br /> [M] = this feature can be disabled/enabled by the system administrator with access to the secure config file below the web root. <br /> <br /> content: <br /> -------<br /> <br /> [M] image management: upload, rename and delete images in the images directory, as well as other select directories required for other modules<br /> <br /> [M] link directory: add edit and delete outbound links for the directory, category management and organization is included.<br /> <br /> [M] media player: full featured media player management for the built in media player. add edit and delete media from the playlist to dynamically change the player on the site. (flv and etc are supported through slight modification)<br /> <br /> navigation: manage the site links for the layout here. includes control for the navigation panel (side navigation), top-subheader navigation, and footer navigation (very bottom of site).<br /> <br /> [M] news/blogging: very similar to news or blogging, this full featured tool allows the user to post news or blogs to the front page of the site.<br /> <br /> [M] pages: add edit and delete pages for the website here. includes WYSIWYG for HTML (toggleable). <br /> <br /> panels: manage side, top or bottom panels here. this is usually used for small modules like the login box and user control area, or the media player. users can add new panels of their own containing small html objects if they wish (like copy/paste code from youtube and etc)<br /> <br /> settings<br /> -------- <br /> <br /> [M] contact form: manage various settings for the website email contact form. including custom fields, subjects, etc.<br /> <br /> image verification: tweak the settings for the way image verification (Aka Captcha) works on the website (registration form, contact, etc)<br /> <br /> mail: dont have a server with sendmail installed? add add smtp server's details here to use SMTP rather than sendmail<br /> <br /> [M] private messages: manage the folder limits and other various features for the private message system<br /> <br /> [M] news: tweak the settings for the news and blogging system<br /> <br /> registration: toggle many features on and off, such as registrations, email verification, admin activation, etc<br /> <br /> security: manage the various security features of the website; examples include the IP blacklist, separate admin sessions for the admin panel, HTTPS support (choose which pages to secure), PHP error logging, and encrypted login sessions<br /> <br /> system: change the name of your site, URL, and site email address. you can also create multiple language packs, and choose the sites language here. there are a few other miscellanous settings than can be toggled here as well including the time zone.<br /> <br /> theme: change the sites browser title, the theme itself (multiple themes are supported), the meta description and keywords, the footer and subfooter text, etc.<br /> <br /> user: change user privileges here, include toggles for password reset, username change, account delete, login, language and theme change. also includes failed login block which can be tweaked, and the use of avatars and their limits.<br /> <br /> system<br /> ------<br /> <br /> [M] backup: backup the site database for a personal copy that can be restored by a system administrator.<br /> <br /> [M] IP blacklist: add an IP number here to prevent a user under this address from using the website<br /> <br /> [M] emoticons: manage emoticons here (example: :) is turned into an image representing that icon). these are used in comments, shoutbox, etc.<br /> <br /> [M] file manager: manage non-image files (upload, rename and delete) for various modules here. includes a "miscellaneous" bin directory, as well as management for the media player files and non-image icons (.ico).<br /> <br /> levels: manage the system user levels here. important system levels like system administrator and user (logged in) can not be deleted, but new levels can be added in between and can be assigned specific admin areas to have access to if required.<br /> <br /> [M] logs: when certain events happen ,like a user logs in, creates an admin session, requests a new password, fails when logging in, etc; the system logs this in the database. you can view these logs and clear them here.<br /> <br /> maintenance: manage the use of maintenance mode (prevents nonadmins from logging in, and keeps the site inaccessible except for a front page with a custom message). you can also do some system maintenance here at the click of a button, such as: restore all of the system default settings, optimize the database overhead, clear old logs, and flush temporary tables.<br /> <br /> [M] sessions: manage live sessions here. you cannot create them of course, but you can kill a users session, such as kicking out another administrator from using the admin panel.<br /> <br /> users: add, edit and delete users here. also includes ban management, and an import/export utility based on CSV for the mass-creation of users. phpHaze 22 Mar 2010 14:32:45 EST phpHaze v2 Sorry about the recent downtime, for anyone who may of actually been visiting the site. I had it turned off for about a year while I sorted some things out in life as well as work on the latest version of phpHaze.<br /> <br /> I've got the new version up and running now and have began to convert the data from my old site to fill up this one. Feel free to go ahead and register and help me test things out if you wish. I'll be back to updating this application on a regular basis, as I have a good number of clients that are now using the technology.<br /> <br /> Been very busy the past year or so and I will post about all of that in another entry later in the week, for now I'm going to paste a list of some of the things about phpHaze 2 that make it different from its predecessor. Enjoy...<br /> <br /> But why phpHaze v2? I thought phpHaze v1 (1.59.2, to be exact) was the most secure and everything was fine and dandy as-is?<br /> To make a long story short, you are wrong. Even though phpHaze v1 is more secure than 99% of the CMS applications out there, phpHaze v2 is still more secure. phpHaze v2 is organized, designed, and laid out better. With the common developer in mind, we bring you phpHaze v2. Yes, we know, v1 was still beta. This one is certainly alpha.<br /> <br /> 1. Even Stronger Security!<br /> <br /> Introducing unique-key 64-bit encryption:<br /> <br /> - phpHaze v1 uses unencrypted cookies for the base of its user login system. If md5 can be decrypted, cookies can be hacked and thus the security of your site is compromised.<br /> <br /> - phpHaze v2 uses not just encrypted cookies, but un-decryptable cookies because it attaches a unique-key to each encrypted string. The string is first encrypted using base 64-bit technology, and then the unique-key is encrypted, and attached to it. An attacker must know the unique key in its unencrypted form (stored safely in a non-public directory on your server, outside the HTML root) to decrypt any data by phpHaze v2. Only if an attacker gains access directly to your FTP can he compromise your secure encryption with the unique key. Otherwise there is no way to retrieve it, inside or outside of the system.<br /> <br /> Note: if your server does not support the MCrypt module, then unique-key encryption will not function properly. Instead, phpHaze will encrypt data using basic 64-bit encryption which can be reversed (decrypted) by an attacker. However even so, the password is still encrypted using unique key, which is NOT dependant on MCrypt, so it is still highly secure, just could be more secure. See later, "Changed password hashing from md5...". Note that all Heritage servers by default are compiled with MCrypt enabled, so this will not be an issue.<br /> <br /> - As mentioned earlier, another new feature of the security is the moving of the main config file to a directory outside the HTML root to make it inaccessible from the web, the script, only by FTP.<br /> <br /> - All requirements for Register Globals to be enabled have been removed, thus removing the listener from the core; thus making phpHaze that much faster. <br /> <br /> - Changed password hashing from md5 (technically double-md5) to random salt + sha1. Enjoy, attackers! If I hear even one rumor, even if probably false, that sha1 was broken, I will double the encryption there as well, even though the random salt keeps it secure as a single layer. You heard right: I will double encrypt sha1 + use the random salt if I really have to. Test me.<br /> <br /> - Updated imgSafe function to account for php scripts; scanning uploaded images through the system now detects for a much wider array of possible exploits using images, including but not limited to PHP scripts of any type.<br /> <br /> - Fixed array bug in isNum function; could have posed a minor security risk, possibly? Not too serious, but a security fix none the less as isNum is primarily used for security reasons, on various numeric $_GET requests in the system.<br /> <br /> - phpHaze v1 allows you to edit the account data for the primary system administrator, "user_id = '1'", the first account ever created (from the admin panel). phpHaze v2 disables this feature in its entirety, the first system admin won't even be returned as a possibility, in ANY user-admin result. Only the first user themselves can update their data, via the personal account page. You'll never see their result in your new admin area.<br /> <br /> - encrypted messaging<br /> <br /> 2. User Level management<br /> <br /> - No more static user levels (member, mod, admin, etc). They are now dynamic, served by your admin panel with a new area to manage them totally. System-based levels (the old ones) are non-removable and can only have their name and rights edited at any given time. This is to prevent possible fatal issues should you accidentally remove or edit the wrong piece of data for a system-required level.<br /> - However, you can add as many new levels as you like. We are using a large number, 99999, to base the access from; technically you have about 80,000~ possible user levels between default member and moderator. You can also add about 10,000~ between the various administrator ranks. <br /> - Nothing is infinite, not even user accounts (you could technically only have a current maximum number of accounts, or accounts ever created, of assumingly 999,999,999,999,999. It stops there, as an example of how a system like this really works. Even with PHP-Fusion, which phpHaze is a direct spin-off of, or a spawn of, if you will -- it is not unlimited or infinite. With PHP-Fusion, it is actually alot less than a 15 digit number, it used to be 5, but I think v7 of PHP-Fusion upped it to 8 as they started to hit maxes on big sites. phpHaze basically doubles this, for further ensurance that you won't hit these limits unless you actually attempt to. Note in PHP-Fusion there is NO user level management what so ever. <br /> <br /> 3. Better Theme System<br /> <br /> - The new theme system is more flexible, giving you control over &lt;html&gt; to &lt;/html&gt; of your sites output; with the obvious exception of complex administration areas. As a whole, the theme system has been rewritten totally, and hopefully will not need future adjustments as updating custom themes with an upgrade package can be a complex and non-universal process such as system updates. Inconsistencies can occur, easily. Lets try to get it right the first time, with phpHaze v2 (starting to see why we had to go to version 2, rather than 1.6? 1.6 simply would not support this system framework, at all)<br /> <br /> 3. Better User management<br /> <br /> - The new advanced user management area is loaded with features, to name a few:<br /> -- Pagination: splits user results into multiple pages<br /> -- User search: ability to filter user results by partial/full -- username/email/IP<br /> -- Mass user deletion using checkboxes<br /> -- Import Users: you can now import a spreadsheet (CSV) of user data. This allows you to add multiple accounts at once. Useful for large corporations with data already on file prior to installing phpHaze. As a direct result, you can also export existing accounts (CSV). phpHaze knows what to do when adding accounts with pre-encrypted passwords, or plain text passwords (differed by import and then export/delete/import). Yes, clever wasn't it?<br /> - Not to mention you can also now disable the requirement of administrator activation for new accounts, which gives you flexibility over a private or public style website.<br /> <br /> 4. Localization<br /> <br /> - phpHaze is now mostly (99%) controlled by language packs (where in v1, the percentage was roughly... 2%?). It only comes by default with the English language pack, you are free to create your own and install them at your own leisure. However, modifying any other phpHaze code is against copyright law. There may be minor parts to the language pack are static, not controlled in the packs themselves. We will address these during service releases, as some of the features in phpHaze cannot be localized as they are far to dynamic. Later service releases will address this issue and a compromise will be made in the programming to make it possible; at this point however, there is not even a demand for anything besides English, we are just preparing it for more languages in the future, so theres no real rush to update the language pack past the current point unless absolutely necessary.<br /> <br /> 5. Even more portability<br /> <br /> - Multiple settings sets: You can save your current settings as a backup set, and you can use this to have multiple installations of this system with different languages or themes; which utilize the other settings sets. You can also use them to simply restore sets of settings, which could fix issues you may have when changing your settings; should you choose to create a separate copy when you save them.<br /> <br /> 6. Better "Help Logging In"<br /> <br /> - Did away with the forgot password feature totally. phpHaze now uses a more secure version to reset your password via an encrypted key sent via e-mail to your accounts address on file. <br /> - Added "Forgot Username" feature that will send current username text to account email; not as sensitive as password, so it can be sent (not reset like password)<br /> - Moved forgot password to need help logging in page, replaced forgot password on login box with Help. More straightforward.<br /> <br /> 7. Module driven<br /> <br /> - A lot of the stock features in phpHaze are modular. Meaning you can disable and enable them at any time, which will in turn let the system know you want anything related to this module disabled elsewhere as well. Its mighty useful, trust me.<br /> <br /> 8. System organization and heirarchy<br /> <br /> - The system itself and folder structure are just organized better, overall. I rewrote and redid EVERYTHING, literally; character for character file for file. Moved files around, etc. It makes it easier for fellow developers to find what they are looking for, and also to apply updates with as minimal files as possible.<br /> <br /> 9. It's faster.<br /> <br /> - Made use of caching to store the latest haze version; prevents need for fetching on every admin page reload, and only on the index page at that. Admin panel now runs many many times faster than in the past.<br /> - Removed all unnecessary scripting that may slow system noticably (without account for size of database)<br /> - On the templating/theming side of things, I've attempted to minimize javascript and inline CSS as much as possible. 99% of scripting and CSS styling happens in the theme itself, not the system like in the past.<br /> <br /> 10. Other stuff<br /> <br /> - Updated all classes used by phpHaze (phpmailer, httpdownload, smtp, etc) to their latest versions<br /> <br /> [Coming Soon]<br /> <br /> - Virtual Cronjobs: instruct phpHaze to run certain scripts on certain days & times, like the cronjob manager in cPanel.<br /> <br /> <br /> phpHaze 22 Mar 2010 14:28:01 EST